Silver Grey Cobbles

Silver Grey cobbles will match with any stone or wall or color. It is being used to create stylish, subtle and fashionable projects up and down the country thanks to its beautiful colour palette and ability to match with any surrounds.


Silver Grey cobbles are usually made of sandstone and are also known as Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving Setts. They contain a subtle mix of different shades of grey. It is a timeless stone that offers a sophisticated finish to any outdoor area.

Silver Grey cobbles are a trending option for paving nowadays that provide a stylish, fashionable, and subtle design to any garden area. It is a hard-wearing stone that looks simply stunning in any area, specifically around the pool.

it can be carved into any shape and size, making it a versatile and flexible option to create any design of your preference. It is also a durable option that contains a gorgeous color palette that can be matched with any surrounding space seamlessly.



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