Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone Paving- Mix Pack

Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone contains a much darker tone of colors than the colors in mint fossil sandstone. It is a distinctive choice of paving that blends well with either element of your outdoor area and creates a beautiful patio.

Introducing our exclusive Lalitpur yellow sandstone paving material in a mix pack size range that offers a versatile and stunning paving solution. It is specifically crafted using high-quality sandstone material and features a beautiful blend of warm yellow hues throughout the surface that creates an inviting and vibrant surface for various landscaping projects.

When it comes to providing the highest-quality sandstone paving in the UK, MPG Stone UK stands firm and proud. We provide our customers with some of the highest-quality Lalitpur yellow sandstone pavers in a mixed pack. We import and acquire all of our products from reputable suppliers worldwide to ensure that the best is supplied from our end.

This stone is naturally beautiful and durable, which ensures its long-lasting performance, making it suitable for various outdoor application areas. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, which allows for more creative and customisable paving designs for various commercial and residential projects.

Product Specifications:

Size: Mix Pack

Our Lalitpur yellow sandstone paving is available in a mix pack size range that includes various sizes and offers flexible and versatile design and installation.

Material: Natural Sandstone

This paving solution is crafted using natural sandstone material that boasts exceptional durability along with great resistance to weathering, which ensures minimal maintenance requirements and longevity.

Finish: Natural

This paving solution features the natural finish of sandstone with a textured and rustic surface, enhancing the visual appeal of the outdoors while providing a comfortable surface area for walking.

Usage: Outdoor Applications

Lalitpur yellow sandstone is one of the most popular options for various landscaping areas, such as garden pathways, patios, courtyards, walkways, and other outdoor entertainment spaces.

Benefits: beauty, versatility, and durability

This yellow sandstone mix pack not only adds aesthetic charm to the areas but also offers various practical benefits such as withstanding outdoor elements, ease of maintenance, slip resistance, and versatility in use.


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