Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone Paving- Mix Pack

Autumn Brown Indian Sandstone is a popular paving option for a classic patio due to its beautiful natural colour tones. It contains relatively darker and richer colour shades and is great for creating a more traditional and rich paving patio. It is a great stone slab to add character and warmth to any exterior.

Introducing our latest Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone Paving in the mix pack size range. It is a beautiful stone that offers a stunning and durable option for your outdoor space. Made from natural sandstone material, it features a rich blend of earthy tones, which creates an inviting and warm ambiance.

When it comes to providing the highest quality Sandstone paving in the UK, MPG Stone UK stands firm and proud. We provide our customers with some of the highest-quality Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone Paving in a Mixed Pack. We import and acquire all of our products from reputable suppliers throughout the world to ensure that the best is supplied from our end.

Our Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone is a beautiful stone that is highly popular among homeowners and designers due to its functional and aesthetic features. It can handle various outdoor elements along with foot traffic for a longer period of time.

Product Specifications:

Size: Mix Pack

Our Autumn Brown Paving is available in a mix pack size range, in which there are different sizes available for flexible design options.

Material: Natural Sandstone

This paving solution is crafted using the finest quality sandstone material, which is renowned for its exceptional functional qualities such as durability and weather resistance.

Finish: Natural

Our autumn sandstone features a natural finish of material that enhances the in-built beauty of stone while also offering a comfortable walking space.

Usage: Outdoor Applications

This paving stone is a suitable choice for both commercial and residential applications such as garden pathways, patios, courtyards, and other outdoor setting areas.

Benefits: durability, beauty, and versatility

Our sandstone paving offers several functional and aesthetic benefits, including resistance to wear and tear that ensures the lasting performance of the stone. It is also versatile and offers ease of maintenance, along with adding warmth and character to your spaces.


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