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Explore our extensive range of natural and engineered stone pavers that are designed to withstand various outdoor elements. Whether you’re looking for durable stone slabs or stylish pavers, we have the perfect solution for your project.


The unrivaled beauty of our quality stones sourced from the earth.

MPGStone is one of the largest Natural Stone’s importer, stockist and wholesale distributor with a wide range of Natural Stone around the world and headed by the 30 years experienced team. Our products covers all stones types including Granite, Porcelain, Sandstone, Slate, Quartz, Limestone, Marble and Travertine in various shapes and finishes.

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Eco Friendly

We are committed to sustainability, offering a range of eco-friendly stone products that minimize environmental impact without compromising on quality or beauty.

Natural Material

Our collection features a diverse array of natural stones, carefully sourced and crafted to showcase the inherent beauty and uniqueness of each material, providing a timeless and authentic touch to any project.

Creative Design

Our team of experts is dedicated to unleashing creativity, offering innovative design solutions that allow our customers to bring their visions to life with our versatile range of stone products.

Assured Quality

Our team of experts is dedicated to unleashing creativity, offering innovative design solutions that allow our customers to bring their visions to life with our versatile range of stone products.

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Nature's Inspiration, Our Passion

Discover our best-selling products, which have won the hearts of our customers across the UK. From gorgeous marble slabs to long-lasting granite countertops, our premium stone products are designed to improve any space. Our engineered stone surfaces blend sophisticated style with remarkable durability, making them a popular choice for contemporary spaces. Explore our top-selling stone products and discover the timeless beauty and superb craftsmanship that distinguishes us.


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Ans. No, not all natural stones are expensive; there is a wide range of natural stones available for every price range, and you can easily find one that suits your budget needs.

Among all stones, marble is considered one of the most expensive. Still, the price also depends on many other factors, which include availability, color, texture, finish, country, shipping cost, and much more.

Ans. Natural stone products include granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and much more which are made under the earth’s crust naturally. Natural stone products are widely used in construction projects and can be used for various applications such as flooring, pool copping, paving, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and stairs.

Ans. MPG Stone is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural stone in the UK. We deal in natural and engineered stones and offer high-quality stone products to various parts of the UK. With an experience of over 34 years, we have globally renowned ourselves as professional experts in the stone industry.

Ans. Kandla grey sandstone is the most popular Indian natural stone around the world. It contains neutral tones all around, which makes it an option that can be used everywhere without any second thought.

You can opt for it if you cannot choose any stone for your project as to whether it will go well with other materials in your home, as Kandla grey sandstone is an all-submissive stone that can go well with any color.

Ans. The average slab size for natural stone slabs can range from 2200 x 1200mm to 3300 x 1950mm. But it is an average size that can vary from stone to stone and company to company.

The thickness of a stone slab can go from 20mm to 30 mm, which can be different for different stone slab textures and surfaces.

Ans. Yes, all natural stones require sealing due to their non-porous nature, which can absorb bacteria and other materials and may lead to more frequent damage. Sealing helps avoid the frequent damage to stone from stains, scratches, moisture, and normal wear and tear.

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